A lone writer and amateur history nerd started Specifipedia in October of 2018. 

The goal is to eventually create an expansive encyclopedia of enthralling stories and curious asides that get into the specifics of a given subject or event. No clickbait, no listicles, no Wikipedia skimming. No dumbing down.

Every topic is something the writer was dying to know more about — and then passed the information on to others who might want to know more, too. 

We thoroughly research every article you see here and strive to convey the facts and legends as clearly as possible. We read books, listen to reputable podcasts, consult historians and verified sources, and much more.

There’s still always a chance we’ll fudge something somewhere — a date, a name, a quote. Corrections, tips, and additional color are always graciously accepted.

If you love history, then Specifipedia offers its services as your armchair time-traveling companion. 

Whether you’re full of wanderlust or simply love to learn, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the rich and oftentimes ridiculous history of regions across the world.

One day, we hope to have tales from every corner, no matter how small. If you know of an interesting yarn from your hometown or secluded neck of the woods, please let us know

Feel free to look around and use the content on this site to broaden your mind or as an excuse to chat with that attractive stranger at the pub…


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